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About Us

Emily grew up on a farm in Indiana where her mom's favorite line was "I can make that!" Emily embraced this adventurous and crafty spirit as she became the loyal apprentice at her mother’s side mending horse fences and building peacock coops. Adeola (Ade) was born and raised in New York City. As the only boy with three older sisters, Ade spent his one-on-one time with his father learning how to mix oils to make their own homemade lotions and salves. Ade's career in engineering and Emily's in business brought them both to Boston. We met in 2010, became friends shortly thereafter and eventually lovers for life.

Ade has intimately been involved with rugby for the past 20 years, 17 as a player and 3 as a coach. In that time he has witnessed and sustained his fair share of injuries. To address and manage his pain we explored the use of cannabis and its different applications including infusions and topical remedies. Eventually we arrived at a cannabis infused formula that Emily would massage into Ade's lower back after games, providing a natural source of pain relief. 

We love what we make. Our passion, love for each other and cannabis is infused into our topicals. We want to share this passion with others through our wellness solutions. We hope to be leaders in our local cannabis movement by breaking down false stereotypes, to encourage others to no longer hide but be proud and help usher in Massachusetts as a state that can embrace cannabis wellness and pleasure.