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Can I Fly with CBD? YES!

Hey Em & Ade Family!

Over the course of the past several months we have received questions regarding international and domestic travel with CBD.  As a reminder the Farm Bill (Agriculture Improvement Act) enacted in December of 2018 legalized the growing of industrialized hemp federally. This allowed the legalization of CBD as long as it is produced from Hemp grown in the manner detailed in the Farm Bill & contained less than 0.3% THC (Em & Ade always utilizes CBD from a federally licensed and approved cultivator).

This, however, is not the sole reason for the TSA's acceptance/approval of CBD products on flights, according to a spokesperson for the TSA. It was actually the TSA's approval of the Anti-Seizure medication "Epidiolex" that spurred the change.

Although the FDA approved the drug a year before the policy change at the TSA, and the TSA's approval may not be wholly due to the approval of the drug, the current policy allows for travel with CBD products as long as the CBD is derived from Hemp grown in accordance with the recently enacted Farm Bill. 


Check out this great article to learn more about Hemp/CBD and air travel!


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